spa virgo & virgo massage and bodyworks


Body Relaxation
Deep Tissue Massage
Great for pain relief
60 minutes $75.00
Swedish Massage
Stimulates healthy circulation
60 minutes $65.00
Couple's Massage
Choice of massage type
60 minutes $150.00
Medical Massage 60 minutes $75.00
Medical Series (3)45 min sessions $150.00

Salon Treatments
Basic Facial 60 minutes $75.00
Mini Facial 40 minutes $45.00
Anti Aging, Brightening, Acne and Micro-dermabrasion Facials Available are designed to your specific needs and prices vary.
60 to 90 mins
$90.00 to $145.00
Waxing Services Starting at $12.00

Deluxe Treatment
Full Body Wax Each treatment $400
Please call to inquire about of Full Service Hair Salon in our Albany Location 518-462-0560

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